Head & Jaw Conditioning

Two of the more common presentations among EDS, HSD, and Joint Hypermobility populations are Cranio-Cervical Instability (CCI) and Jaw pain and subluxation.
It is so important to make sure the your rehab. clinician knows how to treat the Bendy population and if you see a chiropractor, she knows how to treat CCI. As a Chiropractor who is almost exclusively treating the hypermobile population, I hardly adjust the neck or spine and use other modalities such as mobilization and neural activation instead.

The treatment of  the jaw requires muscular attention of the head, neck, and jaw, tongue and teeth placement. The associated body parts such as the posterior chain (back of your body) and heel activation are also necessary and are customized to the patient’s presentation.

We take the treatment of these two commonly presented scenarios seriously and are confident in our treatment approach. We teach our patients how to address the tension and pain at home to better soothe their condition as well. That is what health freedom is all about.