Manual Therapy


Hypermobility Massage

We all are familiar with massage techniques but did you know that deep tissue massage can actually backfire if you have joint hypermobility?

You do feel tight and want to stretch your joints but the tightness is not coming from tight muscles but the deep connective tissues that are used outside their designed tasks. Your body will do everything it can to protect you and when you run out of ‘tools’ it will use other body parts to get the job done. Your tightness comes from that.

At Joint Hypermobility and EDS Clinic, we understand this and know our Bendy population needs. Our massage and manual techniques go beyond what is done for the Normies. We implement soft tissue and fascia techniques, Active Release Techniques with a safe range of movement to bring some degree of relief to our patients while reinforcing the stability providing parts are compatible with the clinic treatment plan for you.

We have specific approaches for the head and neck instability cases (Cranio-cervical instability), Jaw and face cases, and other joint needs of our hypermobile patients.

Where others guess, we know our Bendy patients’ needs.