Postural and Movement Stability

Your brain is in charge of everything that happens in your body and when it comes to your movement, the blueprint of movement, Motor Homunculus, is what the body follows.

This map gets altered- a good thing- so we are able to move on based on what is available to the brain at the time. So for instance, if your knee hurts, you won’t stop moving, you simply limp and shift your weight to the other side!

Through the Brain-based Neurology and Postural exam, I am able to see what your map of movement looks like and how well the sensory input that shapes this map is working. The fix is rather simple but we need to know what your ‘map’ looks like first. The good news is you can do specific exercises at home to reverse the ‘map’ alterations. This is what Positive Neuroplasticity is all about.

When we randomly go to rehabilitate a painful joint or a joint that is unstable without understanding the ‘why’ behind the pain and instability, we will not have a lasting result.

It is the thoroughness of our assessment and our commitment to address the ‘why’ behind your presentation that allows our success rate among our patients- Bendy or Normie.