Meet Our Team

Carolyn Rodevich

Carolyn Rodevich: Patient Liaison

Carolyn has been in the field of Health and Wellness for over 15 years, with a passion to support patients as they make changes that promote a healthy lifestyle. She has a degree in Child Development as well as training and certifications in Medical Administration. Having had her mother and niece as patients and employee at our clinic, she is well aware of the mission and goal of Irvine Spine and Wellness Center and is well fit for her task at hand: making sure each patient has a positive in-office experience, while keeping the clinic operation smooth and in sync with its purpose.

On her spare time, this mother of three volunteers for several family outreach programs that help support our local community and families in need. Her passion to help others and to make our world a better place has motivated Carolyn to travel to Kenya to help teach AIDS awareness and assist the villages in self support such as farming and community programs in addition to traveling to Mexico to build houses and provide relief assistance to families.

Carolyn is excited to be a part of our wonderful team here at Irvine Spine & Wellness Center and looks forward to growing with our close knit family. She has made a personal pledge to wellness and has lost over 78 pounds by choosing a balanced diet, accountability and exercise. She welcomes patients to join her in making great changes in their lives to provide the positive outcome that moves them closer to wellness.

Desiree Orta

Desiree Orta: Exercise Specialist

Desiree has a BS in Kinesiology from Vanguard University and grew up in an athletic environment, familiar with injuries. Given her strong background in biomechanics and movement anatomy, Desiree is heavily involved in the rehabilitation side of the practice working with patients through functional movement and postural exercises. She is consistently staying up to date in current research by attending seminars and reading literature to assist in providing quality care to our patients.

Desiree is a certified Functional Movement Therapist (FMT), Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach Specialist (CSCS) and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Trainer (DNSET). In her desire to learn more about physical medicine and rehabilitation, she takes several training courses throughout the year. Outside of the office, you will find Desiree spending time with her family, taking pictures of her cat, and getting as much sunlight as possible.

Lex Alvarado

Lex Alvarado

Lex Alvarado: Manual Therapist


Lex is a certified manual therapy practitioner with 14 years of experience in the following areas of patient care:

  • Certified in Active Release Technique (ART)
  • Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist (CNMT)
  • CA State Board Certified (CAMTC)

Deeply committed to our patients’ outcomes, Lex regularly researches movement dysfunctions, exercises, and new techniques to provide tailored results. An intuitive practitioner with deep knowledge about muscles and fascia, Lex has assisted many hypermobile patients with their neck, jaw, spine and whole body aches and pains. She contributes regularly to our patient education forum by writing blogs on different conditions that our patients may be presented with.

A Southern California native, Lex enjoys outdoor activities including ocean swimming, camping, and hiking. At home she can be found reading, practicing personal wellness, and enjoying milk-tea with her daughter.