Dr. Mamak Shakib

Dr. Shakib excited

Mamak Shakib, DC has been in practice for over 2.5 decades and treats patients with chronic musculoskeletal and posture-related conditions especially those with connective tissue disorders such as EDS, and HSD. 

She is a rehab. clinician with a focus on Postural Neurology and Neuro-kinesiology (DNS)– what the brain uses to determine balance and coordination of movement and understanding the quality of movement in her patients. She is also trained in pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic stability.

She has dedicated the rest of her professional life to the Bendy population, how to stabilize their joints and posture, tips and hacks to replace the not-so-strong proprioception, how to implement the right techniques doing normal daily activities that easily cause a flareup, how to manage the anxiety by stimulating the vagus nerve and so many other commonly experienced symptoms of EDS, HSD, MCAS and similar conditions.

Her style in communication, using terms and scenarios that make her patients understand what is going on allows them to be able to ‘see’, ‘feel’, ‘predict’, and ‘prevent’ what would otherwise randomly ‘show up’, in their joints, movement and daily routines.

Dr. Shakib understands that freedom in health only comes when her patients become their own experts on themselves so every step in treatment is with that goal in mind.