Why Our Clinic

We specialize in effective rehabilitation methods for individuals with joint hypermobility syndrome (HSD) or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) with a focus on empowering our patients with knowledge and tools for independent condition management.

Our approach goes beyond conventional methods, acknowledging the unique needs of those with hypermobility issues, whether it’s joint pain, instability, or related challenges. We offer a supportive environment for learning, healing, and making meaningful progress. We want you to become your own expert in movement and posture to be able to enjoy being active.

Our simplicity-driven approach includes techniques like Postural Neurology and Developmental Movements, inspired by natural baby movements. If all babies go from helpless infants to running toddlers without special training, gyms, or tools, the effectiveness of the methods is proven over and over and all familiar to everyone. Why reinvent the wheel!

Our patients are our apprentices, viewing their health as a collaborative project. Success requires teamwork, open communication, and a compassionate approach. Our goal is to guide patients on a journey to comprehend, address, and conquer their joint hypermobility and postural instability challenges. We dislike perpetual treatment but rather empower patients to recognize, prevent, predict, and resolve issues themselves. Victory means no more mistreatment, disbelief, or neglect—something many have unfortunately faced.

We understand that the bendy population has pelvic instability and while not everyone experiences the commonly recognized symptoms such as incontinence, they all need special attention to the pelvis and pelvic floor dysfunction. We know, understand, and are determined to make the life of our Bendy friends better- at least, when it comes to their joint hypermobility. Our clinic has been the go-to center when pelvic floor dysfunction therapy elsewhere has failed.

Traditional methods do not work for bendy joints because of the differences in understanding the body,  joint positioning, and connective tissue behavior. With over 90% of our patients having EDS or HSD, we understand the specific needs of our bendy friends. Our dedicated team of experts provides personalized care to help you achieve better outcomes.

At the Joint Hypermobility and EDS Clinic, our goal is to empower you to manage your condition independently, fostering freedom in health and happiness. We believe in providing effective tools and strategies so you won’t need lifelong treatments. You know your body and we know joint hypermobility and postural imbalance.